ABOUT - Tour Director Expectations

What Adventure Travel West expects out of our Tour Directors
Manuals and Guidelines: 


What we expect of our Tour Directors: ✓ You are required to have your own road maps and reference books.
✓ Prepare music and reference books for each tour.
✓ Execute Entire Itinerary in a Punctual Manner.
✓ Conduct Effective Introductory Talk.
✓ When conducting a hiking tour, conduct an effective safety talk.
✓ Modify Commentary/Timing/Activities Depending on age and nationality of clients.
✓ Accommodate activities for children or teenagers without compromising the program.
✓ Prepare and Present Interesting/Informative Presentations including Maps and Other Educational Materials.
✓ Conduct Morning and Evening Briefings to Prepare Guests (appropriate footwear & outerwear, water, etc).
✓ Share Love of the Outdoors.
✓ Manage and Resolve Complaints Promptly; When in Doubt, PLEASE Contact the Office even to check in to see if how you’ve handled the complaint is the right way.
✓ Any delay over 45 minutes requires compensation - be aware that sticking to the itinerary is important; when there are delays, peoples’ resentment builds.
✓ Lead Effectively and Gain Respect of the Guests (Respect is Earned and Not Granted).
✓ Attentive to Guest Needs.
✓ Mediation Skills.
✓ Confident and Well Prepared.
✓ Well Rounded Regional Knowledge for commentary (art/geology/geography/history/anthropology/food/flora/fauna)
✓ Personable/Positive Attitude.
✓ Serve a Nutritious and Delicious Diversified Menu that is Appropriate to the Culture of the Guests.
✓ Maintain Cleanliness of Trailer, Coolers, and Gear.
✓ Keep camping equipment and food organized and clean and train pax in proper packing and storing of gear and food.
✓ Take Personal Responsibility for mistakes and do not point fingers or make excuses.
✓ Competent Driver (Obey laws, Drive Appropriate Speeds, can park and drive Van with Trailer, Able to Change a Tire, never gets lost).
✓ Reasonable Knowledge of Automobiles.
✓ Plan Optional Excursions Well in Advance, reserve the tours that sell out in advance before the group arrives (Heli Tours Grand Canyon, Alcatraz, Monument Valley Jeep Tour, Antelope Canyon Jeep Tours, Durango Train).
✓ Prioritizes Safety (Bring First Aid Kit While Hiking, Aware of Wildlife Risk, Conduct Daily Van/Trailer Checks, Extinguishe Campfires Properly, and always have a flashlight available).
✓ Designate a Guest as a Navigator for Complicated Driving Days.
✓ Designate guests to help with the connecting of the trailer and light checks.
✓ Learn Expectations/Interests of the Group and of Individuals.
✓ Know Driving Route and Scheduled Stops for Each Day.
✓ Keeping abreast of Current and Expected Weather Conditions.
✓ Professional manner to keep the group within the timings set for the day.
✓ Familiar with Camping Gear and Equipment.
✓ Have Emergency Contact Information Readily Available.
✓ Play Appropriate Music based upon Age of Guests (Include Country-Western & Native American).
✓ Keep Up With Daily Logs and Journal and Maintain Accurate Accounts.


Qualities of an Outstanding Tour Director: ✓ Has Done Extensive Research and Preparation.
✓ General Knowledge of Guests’ Home Country.
✓ Regional Expertise.
✓ Great Sense of Humor.
✓ Great Sense of Direction and knowledge of Orienteering.
✓ Sense of Humility.
✓ Enthusiastic/Energetic.
✓ Physically Fit.
✓ Exceptional Trail Knowledge.
✓ Culinary Expertise.
✓ Has Excellent Perception and Foresight.
✓ Ability to Think Fast on One’s feet and Resolve Issues Calmly.
✓ Infinite Patience.
✓ Master of Organization.
✓ Takes Leadership Role During Emergency Situations.
✓ Foreign Language Skills.
✓ Excellent Storyteller.
✓ Well Travelled and Exposed to Many Cultures and Lifestyles.
✓ Passionate Lifetime Learner.
✓ Mechanically Inclined.
✓ Adds on the “little extras” that make the tour special.

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