HOW TO's - Bus Tours

Use this page as a reference for what to know before leading a bus tour.

When Directing a Bus Tour

Tour Director flights:
Tour directors are expected to arrive at least 2 hours prior to a group’s arrival to avoid any delays.
Meet and Greet:
Some groups are met with Meet and Greets. Check your information carefully. Copies of all arrangements should be included. Bus Company:
If we hire a large bus, TD must contact the bus company’s dispatch office 3 days prior to tour to get the driver’s name and cell phone number. Its the driver’s job to know where to go. However many drivers rely on the TD to know the way. TDs need to be prepared to know where they need to go. Make sure you know your timings. Luggage Tags:
Most tours include porterage. You will require one luggage tag pp. (ATW will mail this to you prior to tour). However many student tours do NOT include porterage. Find out well before the tour if porterage is included. If porterage is included, only ONE bag pp is included. Timings:
A coach tour requires wake up calls. Have the front desk call everyone’s rooms 1.5 hours prior to departure. Make sure you understand at what time the hotel needs the bags ready to be pulled and advise the group. Typically pax get dressed, pack their bags, and while they are having breakfast, their bags will be pulled. It is important you discipline your group to comply with the timings of the day. Coach Driver Room:
Due to the high cost of parking a Coach bus in the city of SFO ($150/night), Coach drivers typically stay near SFO where parking is free. Check your rooming list. If you see a drivers room in SFO on your hotel list please call the office so we can change the reservation for the driver. Permits:
All National Park permits are provided by the bus company. Hiking permits would be provided by ATW. National Park Entry fees:
TDs pay for park entry fees on behalf of ATW. Airport Transfer:
The over-the-road bus is NOT always doing the airport transfer. Before the tour, check carefully that you understand which bus covers which service. The bus details should be found in the tour director itinerary. We also send a copy of the contract to you. If airport transfers are covered by other companies you should receive copies of the contracts or contact information.

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